Jobs and the Economy

We must reignite the American Dream! We must provide the ladder of opportunity for every American to climb, so that every person who works hard and plays by the rules is able to achieve their dreams. Whether it is through the dream of higher education, or opening their own small business, we must help them up that ladder.
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Small Business

Small business is the key. It creates 2 out of every 3 new jobs. It is my mission as a member of the Small Business Committee to help small businesses do what they do best: create good jobs, drive innovation, and strengthen the middle class.
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Los Angeles is one of the most congested and polluted counties in the nation. We need a transportation system that will improve the environment and create jobs. That’s why I am fighting to quickly expand our transit options and turn our region into a model for the 21st Century.
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Housing and Foreclosures

Home ownership has always been one of the foundations of the American Dream, but for many that dream is slipping away. In the wake of the housing crisis, I believe the government can and should do more to help homeowners facing foreclosure.
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Education is a proven pathway for success. As a former educator and school board member in our community, I understand the needs our schools face. We need to fully fund education programs, give our students the resources they need and ensure our schools are environments for learning. That’s why my bills provide adaptable solutions to the unique problems individual school districts face.
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Crime and Safety

I am committed to keeping our communities safe from crime. We must do more to ensure law enforcement has all the tools it needs to stop crime and violence.
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Seniors are the bedrock of our communities. They have worked hard all their lives and built our communities. Now, like so many Americans, they are struggling and face particular challenges including high health care costs and income insecurity. America pioneered a social safety net to provide for people as they enter retirement – and they have earned it! We must never neglect that responsibility to our seniors.
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Health Care

Our country boasts the best healthcare system in the world, but not every family has access to that healthcare system. We need a healthcare system that is accessible and affordable to everyone. That’s why I fought for reform to address the needs of the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for our seniors, put patients first and fund cutting-edge research.
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Every day, I hear from families torn apart by our broken immigration system. Passing comprehensive reform is critically important to the long-term security and prosperity of our nation. We must solve this immigration nightmare, so every person in our country can live the American Dream.
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Military Hazing

Hazing has no place in our military. It undermines our military readiness and deeply scars volunteers forced to endure it. We must have a zero-tolerance hazing policy in our military.
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Civil Rights

When the civil liberties of any group are violated, we all suffer. We must protect the ideals of justice and equal protection under the law so that our country is one where all people are treated equal.

Intellectual Property and Technology

According to estimates, intellectual property theft costs the U.S. economy more than $100 billion annually. And with three-quarters of our economic growth tied to American innovation and intellectual property, we simply must do more to promote and protect the intellectual property of new technologies.

Space Exploration

Space exploration is critical to our understanding of the universe around us. Investment in NASA has spurred innovation and cutting-edge new technologies that create whole industries here on Earth. I believe we must continue to support space exploration because it is crucial for advancing science, which means economic growth and skilled job creation at home.
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Energy and Environment

Our economy is inextricably intertwined with our long-term energy and conservation strategies. By investing in renewable energy and protecting our natural wonders, we not only put Americans back to work, we preserve our planet and our natural resources for future generations.
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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Issues

In a country where every person is created equal, we must continue to push down the long road toward LGBT equality. We must come together and say that discrimination, in any place, in any form, is always unacceptable.
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Worker Rights and Labor

Our country is built on the sweat of our construction workers, farmers, nurses, cooks and retail cashiers. We need to take care of our country’s workers because they are the backbone of our economy. That’s why I am fighting against attacks on worker rights, pensions and the freedom to organize.
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On the battlefield, our military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, we must make that same pledge for every veteran.
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