Legislative Work


The Issues section of my website lets you learn more about my priorities in Congress. See where I stand on the important issues facing our nation and community.

My Bills

Rep. Chu introduced several pieces of legislation in the 112th Congress that will help small businesses succeed, promote strong education for our children and help prepare them for the future, promote small business success, protect immigrant workers, and stand up for civil rights.

Legislation I Support

Here you will see all of the legislation that I am sponsoring and cosponsoring in the House of Representatives.

Voting Record

I believe transparency is a cornerstone of our democracy. This section of my website lets you see my votes on recent legislation that is being considered on Capitol Hill.

How Congress Works

The legislative process has a number of steps and can be quite complex. This page helps outline the process of how legislation introduced, considered and passed by Congress. Use this page as resource to gain insight into this process and how you can make a difference.