Overview of the 27th District

A view of the San Gabriel Mountains from the Santa Fe Dam.

The 27th District contains large portions of the Western San Gabriel Valley and is bounded by the San Gabriel Mountains to the north and the Puente Hills to the south.  The San Gabriel Valley takes its name from the San Gabriel River, which divides the Valley roughly at midpoint from north to south, and was named after Mission San Gabriel Archangel, founded by Spanish missionaries in 1771. 

A true microcosm of America, the San Gabriel Valley is one of the most diverse regions of our nation. Its roughly 2 million residents come from all corners of the globe, giving the region its distinct cultural and ethnic identity. It is not uncommon to hear various languages and smell the scents of ethnic cuisines from around the world, from Italy to China, Mexico to Vietnam, simply by strolling down a block or two of Valley Boulevard, one of the main east-west thoroughfares.

The two largest minority groups in the District are Asian Americans and Latinos, along with significant populations of Caucasians, African Americans, and Armenian Americans. The average household size in the San Gabriel Valley is 3.81 persons according to the 2010 Census, while the largest share of the population was aged between 15 and 19.