San Gabriel National Recreation Area Proposal

The San Gabriel Mountains includes some of the most diverse habitats and ecosystems found in North America. These majestic peaks provide over 70% of LA County’s open space and host over 3 million visitors a year – that’s almost as many as major national parks like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. In fact, the San Gabriel Mountains provide one of the few natural outdoor spaces to our region, which is otherwise one of the most park-poor areas in the country.

That is why for the last year, I worked hand in hand with a wide range of local stakeholders – from local elected officials to local water agencies, water management experts and flood control personnel to public lands experts – in order to draft a legislative proposal that fits the needs of the San Gabriel Valley. This draft legislation will ensure additional resources, more stakeholder control, and a sound balance between recreational opportunities and critical water management.

I am pleased to also share a similar draft proposal for additional Wilderness designations, as well as a draft proposal for Wild and Scenic River designations in the upper reaches of the mountains. These designations will preserve certain areas in the San Gabriel Mountains that are still pristine, allowing them to stay that way for people to enjoy in their most natural state.

If you would like to submit a comment, please take the time to review the legislation and maps of the proposal below, and then email your comments to

The deadline for comments on the National Recreation Area is April 30th. 

The deadline fo comments on Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers designations is May 30th.

My staff and I will review these comments and take them into consideration as we finalize the text of the legislation. Thank you for your interest. I hope you will join me in working towards the protection of these majestic places.



Judy Chu
Member of Congress

The discussion draft establishing the San Gabriel National Recreation Area can be found here.

The discussion draft creating Wild and Scenic River designation can be found here.

The discussion draft designating National Wilderness Preservation System status can be found here.

A map of the proposed San Gabriel National Recreation Area can be found here.

A map of proposed Wilderness Areas and Wild & Scenic Rivers can be found here.