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Rep. Chu Introduces Bill to Block Implementation of Proposed Public Charge Rule

June 12, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC — Today, Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) introduced the No Federal Funds for Public Charge Act, a bill to prevent any federal funds from being used to implement President Trump’s proposed “public charge” rule. The proposed rule, posted on the Federal Register by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on October 10, 2018, greatly expands the list of programs that could be considered when an immigrant is applying for a green card. The rule change could cause individuals to disenroll from public benefits like nutrition assistance and healthcare out of fear it could make it more difficult to be reunited with loved ones, even though many of these immigrants have a legal right to these services to which they contribute through their taxes. Rep. Chu, who introduced the bill along with 36 other members of the House, released the following statement:

“Cruelty has been at the heart of Donald Trump’s immigration agenda, and there is no better example than his proposed Public Charge rule which would penalize immigrants for accessing benefits they are legally entitled to, forcing on them the false choice or taking care of their family’s immediate needs or having a future in America. This makes life harder for immigrants and such cruelty has no place in our policies.

“Further, benefits like SNAP are actually proven at reducing poverty and improving future achievement. But with this rule change, Trump is trying to stigmatize the program – and others like it –so that immigrants will be afraid to use it. Immigrants are our neighbors and co-workers, and play a vital role in our communities. This proposed rule is callous, xenophobic, and works against the interests of our nation. I’m proud that so many of my colleagues have joined me to stop Trump’s attempt to weaponize federal policy in his hateful war on immigrants.”

The bill text can be found online here.