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Rep. Chu Statement on Trump’s Radical Budget Proposal

March 16, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, President Donald Trump introduced his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018. The proposal makes serious cuts to domestic programs and to the Department of State’s diplomacy and development programs, while increasing spending on the military, a deportation force, and a border wall. Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) released the following statement:

“Trump’s budget is radical even by the new standards of his already radical presidency. It cuts billions from essentially every government service other than the military and border patrol. Knowing full well this budget will not be passed, Trump, then, is staking out his priorities for our country. And if a budget is an expression of your values, then this budget makes clear that Trump values fear and jingoism over the harder, but more necessary, work of building a government that can serve all the people. Like his businesses and his health care plan, Trump’s budget is designed for the wealthiest few.

“It also shows how little President Trump understands about even the issues he campaigned on. Far from helping our inner cities, his massive slashes to Housing and Urban Development will put good housing and stability even further out of reach for many. Just as eliminating Community Development Block Grants and cutting programs like food stamps will hinder our ability to help Americans out of poverty. His 13% cut to the Department of Education will especially hurt vulnerable students in poor school districts who rely on federal assistance. And, despite his talk about the American worker, he wants to cut 21% from the Department of Labor, which ensures safe and well-paying jobs.

“It’s even worse when it comes to our health. By slashing investments at the National Institutes of Health, he is blocking advances on cures to diseases like cancer while leaving us more vulnerable to the next global pandemic, like Zika or Ebola. And his attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency threaten clean air and water and exacerbate climate change, for the sake of helping the oil industry. It’s clear Mr. Trump does not understand what actually makes America great, targeting even our inexpensive but impactful arts programs and public radio.  

“And internationally, he wants to pull back America’s diplomats and aid workers, and replace them with a larger military presence – beyond even what the Pentagon has requested, and in spite of their stated support for diplomacy. You would think that a man with so many investments around the world would understand the importance of global diplomacy and development in establishing security and prosperity for all. But this budget is not about what’s best for all. Instead, it’s a boon to military contractors, oil drillers, and the list stops there.”