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TPM: Judy Chu Tries to Plug Leaks in GOP Abortion Bills

March 2, 2011
Press Release

 Talking Points Memo has an interview with Rep. Chu that highlights her efforts to fight Republican attempts to rollback women's rights by generations. Here is an excerpt:

Democrats and pro-choice advocates have been howling for weeks about what's in the Republican abortion bills currently working their way through the House.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA), ardently pro-choice, says it's time to focus on what's not not in the bills. Chu, a member of the House Judiciary Committee which will be taking up one of the abortion bills on Thursday, has offered two amendments she says clear up dangerously unaddressed abortion access questions in H.R. 3, the bill first criticized for it's now-dropped language regarding "forcible rape."

Chu wants to make sure the law protects women's access to emergency abortion care while ensuring that women will be informed of all their medical options, even if a provider is opposed to abortion. Neither subject is addressed directly in H.R. 3 as it currently stands -- and that's what worries Chu.

"For goodness sake," Chu told TPM in an interview from her Capitol Hill office Wednesday. "It doesn't say anything about whether the woman's life has to be preserved."

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