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Rep. Chu Statement on 1st Day of the Trump Shutdown

January 20, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C.— Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) has released the following statement on the first day of the Trump Shutdown:

“I am incredibly dismayed and disappointed that after being offered every compromise from Leader Schumer, including the border wall, President Trump instead decided to listen to the most extreme factions in his party and chose to shutdown the government. It was the same story with Majority Leader McConnell who, after taking a call from Speaker Ryan, acceded to the demands of the Freedom Caucus and rejected all compromise. This is not the way to run a government. If Republicans do not have the ability to pass their own budget and must turn to Democrats for support, then they have to be open to compromise.

“Republicans’ failure to successfully wield a legislative majority is not our failure. Nor should we be expected to support yet another short term package that fails to meet our government’s needs. The military has been crystal clear that short term spending bills endanger their mission, cost them more, and make necessary long-term planning almost impossible. Additionally, we are operating under the arbitrary deportation deadline set by President Trump who made a short-sighted play to appeal to his anti-immigrant base, using the lives of hard working immigrants as a wedge to divide the country. President Trump chose to create a crisis, and now he must own it. This is the Trump Shutdown.

“In the meantime, Democrats are committed to working towards a responsible spending package that actually meets our country’s needs and protects all Americans, including children and those under Trump’s deportation deadline.”