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Rep. Chu Statement on State of the Union

February 6, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC — Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s State of the Union address:

“President Trump’s calls for unity tonight must be matched by his actions. In reality, there is no unity for families torn apart by his hateful Muslim ban or family separation policy. Dreamers are still being held hostage while Trump continues to wage war on immigrants by deporting TPS recipients, further separating families. And his latest plan to use the military to spread xenophobia at our border is already further dividing communities.

“The divide between the haves and the have-nots is growing under Trump as well, thanks to his continued attacks on the Affordable Care Act and women’s health, and his tax scam that was just a handout to the richest 1%. He has divided our national lands in order to enrich oil companies who profit from the destruction of our planet. And he has divided America from our allies by cozying up to countries like Russia.

“Trump intentionally governs by division and misdirection. Tonight’s speech was an example of both. But Democrats will not lose focus on what matters: helping more families achieve the American Dream – a dream which must remain open to all, no matter where they were born. That means continuing our work to make healthcare affordable and accessible, creating more and better paying jobs, and protecting our environment for future generations.

“We must also push back on his tactics of fear and division, like his border wall. He is ignoring the problems he claims to care about, like the opioid crisis. The fact is, the majority of drugs come through legal ports of entry and building a wall will do nothing to address the actual causes of the epidemic. That is why I was proud to invite as my guest tonight Ryan Hampton, an advocate for people struggling with addiction. Ryan, currently in recovery himself, worked with me to write legislation that was ultimately signed into law by President Trump that will improve resources and training for people in recovery. And in an op-ed he published in today’s USA Today, he is calling out the President for his ‘false narrative about the opioid crisis.’

“We will need unity to solve our country’s problems. But Trump must cease his attacks on immigrant communities and women, and focus on working for all Americans.”