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Rep. Chu Urges Trump to Drop Lawsuit on 10th Anniversary of ACA

March 23, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC — On this day in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Barack Obama. Since going into effect, the ACA has saved 20 million Americans from having to go without health insurance. In California, 3,999,239 Californians gained insurance thanks to the ACA, a reduction of 61% of the uninsured population. But all of this success is threatened  by the lawsuit Texas v. U.S., which is backed by the Trump Administration, which would strike down the entire ACA if successful. Rep. Chu issued the following statement celebrating the success of the ACA and urging President Donald Trump to drop his lawsuit against it:


“Passing the Affordable Care Act was one of my first actions as a Member of Congress, and it remains one of my proudest. That is because after a decade of the law, we have seen just how important it is. In my own state of California, the ACA has reduced the uninsured by 61%, and has reduced premiums by 19.2%, or $126. That is a huge difference. It means that more people than ever have access to healthcare that is more affordable. And for the 6 million Californians with preexisting conditions, this law is security that they will not be denied insurance.


“Families should not have to fear going bankrupt if a medical emergency arises. Nor should they forego basic medical care because they lack insurance or have a preexisting condition. In the midst of the unprecedented COVID-29 outbreak, this is clearer than ever. But if the President has his way, all of that will change. By supporting the lawsuit, Texas v. U.S., President Trump is supporting an immediate and total repeal of the ACA that would leave millions without insurance and expose millions more to the caprices of insurers who can deny coverage or charge exorbitant amounts for preexisting conditions. There is no alternative and no plan should the President’s lawsuit succeed, which is nothing short of irresponsible and negligent in the midst of a public health emergency. The President should immediately drop this politically-motivated suit and instead work with Democrats to strengthen and improve the ACA.”