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Reps. Chu, Lee, DeGette, and Fletcher Lead Congressional Applauding HHS for Proposed Title X Family Planning Regulations

May 18, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. –Today, Reps. Judy Chu, Barbara Lee, Diana DeGette, Lizzie Fletcher led 135 Members of the House on a letter applauding the US Department of Health and Human Services for proposed regulations to repair and rebuild the Title X family planning program. The letter supported new program regulations to uphold a patient’s confidentiality, protect specialized providers from harmful discrimination, and prioritize culturally competent and equitable care for people with low incomes.


“For nearly two years, the Trump administration’s Title X rule has wreaked havoc on the family planning safety net in communities across the country,” said Rep. Chu. “Ideologically driven restrictions have created a domestic gag rule and needlessly driven more than 1,200 providers out of the nation’s family planning program and put health care out of reach for millions of people who need it. This proposed rule would return Title X to its core mission of providing high-quality, client-centered, affordable, family planning and sexual health care, with a focus on ensuring access to these services for people with low incomes. And I am proud to be thanking President Biden for his monumental effort to ensure all women have access to quality healthcare the covers the complete array of approved services.”


“Title X provides critical funding to support thousands of clinics that millions of Americans rely on for health care,” said Rep. DeGette, Co-Chair of the Pro-Choice CaucusThe Trump administration’s efforts to force clinics out of the program put the health and well-being of countless women at risk. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration to not only undo the damage that was done, but to make this important program better than it was before.” 


“Funding for Title X is critical for providing affordable and accessible family planning services, and also vital for preventive care,” said Rep. Lee, Co-Chair of the Pro-Choice Caucus“The unjust restrictions imposed under the previous administration threatened the health of millions of people who need it. Especially as we fight a global pandemic that has exacerbated inequalities in healthcare, HHS’s regulations to repair and rebuild the Title X family planning program would help to advance health and racial equity for those who need it most. I thank President Biden for his commitment to ensuring equitable access to reproductive health services.”


“Title X was born in Texas 7, and through its 50-year history, it has provided essential family planning and preventative health care services to millions of people,” said Rep. Fletcher.  “This program has long had bipartisan support across our community.  Unfortunately, the last administration’s actions eliminated access to these essential health services for people across the country.  I am glad to join my colleagues in submitting public comments today and commending the Department of Health and Human Services and the Biden administration for their efforts to repair and rebuild the Title X family planning program.”


The Trump Administration’s 2019 rule drastically undermined this critical safety-net program, to the significant detriment of the public’s health. Title X providers saw 2.5 million fewer patients in 2020 than they did in 2018. Six states have no Title X providers at all, and several more have only a handful of providers left. President Biden has taken meaningful action to rectify the damage done to our nation’s family planning safety net and access to contraception and sexual health care.